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Welcome to the Reading Doctor, Coventry.

I am a teacher with 27 years of experience working across Key stages 1,2 and 3 and I am now delighted to be offering this invaluable service throughout Coventry.

I began my teaching career in London, where I worked for five years in an inner-city school and then in a larger suburban school and became the English Lead very early on in my career.

I then moved back to Coventry and became an Advanced Skills Teacher, which involved me working across the city, advising, and supporting colleagues.

I have since worked in many schools within the Local Authority. I also spent five years working as a Deputy Head and English lead, which I loved. During the first lockdown, I completed my NPQSL (National Professional Qualification for Senior Leaders) and my project was based upon Raising Attainment in Reading and Promoting Reading for Enjoyment.   This further deepened my particular interest in helping children to read.

From a young age, I was an avid reader, and it has since been my mission to make reading accessible for all I encounter and to encourage children to share my love of reading.

If you have any concerns about your child’s reading progress.  Please contact me to discuss how I can support your child.

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