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I met Deborah, the Reading Doctor Founder, when she came to support pupils at the school I was working at. During this time, we worked closely together and that is where my passion for all things ‘Reading Doctor’ came from.

I was extremely fortunate to be able to use the Reading Doctor resources and method within my classroom to support my pupils to become successful learners. I have seen first-hand how powerful the Reading Doctor method is, in unlocking the potential in struggling readers by removing barriers; enabling them to become successful readers.

Working in a specialist school for the last 18 years has given me the tools to support pupils to achieve their best. All children develop at different stages – socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually; they need to be responded to at their developmental level in each of these areas. Responding to children ‘just as they are’, with a non-judgemental and accepting attitude, will help them to feel safe and secure and ready to learn. The multi-sensory activities and dyslexia friendly resources, alongside tailor made sessions to suit each pupil enables us to celebrate the unique strengths and learning styles that they have.

I could waffle on for hours all about me, but I am not the important one here; the child is, and that is who I would like the focus to be on. After an initial diagnostic assessment, I will be able to offer 1:1 tuition face-to-face and online using digital versions of the same high-quality resources. There is also the option to have a Reading Doctor Hub within a school, so that the Reading Doctor method can be applied to enable the pupils to improve and succeed within the school environment.

The Reading Doctor method works, and I look forward to reaching out to as many struggling readers as possible so that they can experience the success, independence, enjoyment and confidence with their reading and writing.

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