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Welcome to the Reading Doctor Poole. I am privileged to bring the Reading Doctor approach to Poole and the surrounding Dorset areas. Joining this exceptional team of professionals excites me as we work together to support individuals in embracing the world of reading. I firmly believe that with the right support, nurture, and self-confidence, barriers can be overcome, allowing the rewards of a lifelong skill in reading to be reaped.

The Reading Doctor's mission is to unlock the potential in struggling readers by removing barriers and creating personalised learning pathways. Our sessions are engaging, structured, and dynamic, tailored to the unique learning style of each individual. As a dedicated educator, I champion the idea that children should be celebrated as unique individuals, and their learning journeys should reflect this. The bespoke 1:1 time provided in each session is designed to foster the magic of learning.

For some children, reading can quickly become a chore or a battle, creating barriers that hinder their true potential. From the outset, it's crucial to nurture that initial spark of interest with a tailored approach specific to each child. This is key to unlocking their true potential. I am passionate about supporting individuals to achieve their best in an optimal environment, equipped with quality resources and dedicated time.

With over 20 years of experience in primary education as a class teacher, Assistant Head, and leader in English, Phonics, PSED, and Early Years, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this role. I've cherished the opportunity to work with numerous individuals, building bonds with families and children who have enriched my journey. This experience has highlighted the value of one-to-one time, trust, and resilience in fostering a child's sense of pride and achievement. Personal and emotional development is crucial for a child to truly flourish.

As your Reading Doctor, I would be honoured to work alongside your child, empowering them with the confidence and skills to shine. Together, we can ensure smiles, fun, and a clear demonstration of their capabilities. Please feel free to get in touch to learn more.

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07747 781196
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